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I'm Francesca, Your Leader to Wealth-Building AirBNB Strategy

I am an NYC based real estate agent and investor who's passionate about helping women take charge of their financial futures through the power of leveraging real estate. 

Having worked alongside celebrity brokers Ryan Serhant and Bianca D'Alessio on the #1 real estate sales team in NYC, I have over $100M in transactions under my belt as an agent.

With 10+ years of experience managing investments in my own portfolio, as well as for clients, I have diverse experience across investing modalities. 

From flips to buy-and-holds, to Airbnbs, I help clients optimize their investments, and can't wait to do the same for you!

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Everything you need to go from Short Term Rental hopeful to Airbnb Expert, with the freedom to live life on YOUR terms.
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With 10+ years experience, over $100M in real estate sold, and a diverse portfolio of my own, I know what it takes to absolutely crush it in real estate investing. Let me show you how!

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"In late 2020 I decided to finally utilize my property in Upstate NY as an investment, by adding an Airbnb in the back of my family's home. Without having my own experience in real estate investing, I enlisted the help of Francesca. She advised me on the basics of current regulation in NYC and provided invaluable investing strategy. 

Now, 3 months into working together, the Airbnb is almost complete and I feel empowered to use Francesca's strategies to continue developing my portfolio!"

 - Alex, Hawaii

"Francesca provided me invaluable investing strategy!"

 - Sam

"Francesca is a goal oriented leader!"

"I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Francesca on a few real estate investments. She is not only a consummate professional, but also an incredibly hard working and goal oriented leader. There was no challenge she was not prepared for. 

I would not hesitate to partner with Francesca on any deal she brings, and would advise the same for anyone else who may have the opportunity."

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