Your A-Z guide for achieving the
fully rented, fully relaxed
lifestyle of a savvy AirBNB investor


Short Term Rental Mastery Academy

It’s no secret that you’re a woman with drive.

You’ve invested so much time and energy into your career, but something is still missing.

….Like the flexibility to work or not

….Like the freedom to travel the open road and fly to the other side of the world on a moment’s notice without bringing your job with you

….Like the autonomy to make your own choices without asking your boss first

….Like the financial independence to create true wealth for you and your family for generations to come without your worth being tied to a regular paycheck

I get it. 
I’ve been there too. 
That’s when I turned to Short Term Rental investing. 

Your A-Z guide for achieving the
fully rented, fully relaxed
lifestyle of a savvy AirBNB investor

The Short Term Rental Mastery Academy is here to cut through the noise that new investors experience when navigating how to acquire, list and profit from their first short-term rental.

Inside this course, I’m taking you through the complete A to Z process for becoming an Airbnb owner…

And get this:

I’ll show you how to stay completely hands-off, as you remain in your Owner Role and outsource your Management duties to a solid team you can count on, leaving you free to set up the listing and wait for the direct deposits to roll in after every stay.

Module 1: Why Airbnb?

With more than 150 million users worldwide, there’s a reason why Airbnb outperforms its competition. As a savvy real estate investor, you’re about to use the platform they built to your advantage.

In this module you will:
  • Learn why Airbnb and its short term rental approach is superior to other real estate strategies — including hosting long-term renters
  • Discover the true meaning of passive income
  • Receive my best tips for obtaining a loan and building equity in your name

Module 2: How to Be A Unique Host

Will your first rental be a yurt? A camper van? A cottage tucked away in the mountains? You’ll learn the multiple approaches to short-term rentals, including how to choose the right business model AND the right property for you
In this module you will:
  • Learn what arbitrage is and whether it’s the right choice for you
  • Study all the approaches available to you as an Airbnb host, like co-hosting, sharing your existing space or purchasing your own home (Hint: The last one is the one I recommend!)
  • Choose your dream destination for your new short term rental

Module 3: Analyzing and acquiring your first property

Your first income property is your first opportunity for financial freedom. While your new home earns you money, you can travel, sleep in, walk the dog in Central Park, or go glamping in The Sierra Nevadas. And the entire time? It’s being managed for you. Trust, you’ve never experienced a lifestyle like this before.
In this module you will:
  • Use the signature Short Term Rental Mastery Method for analyzing properties and choosing the one that will deliver the biggest ROI
  • Establish the purchasing process, so there’s no surprises when it comes time to buy

Module 4: Fully Booked branding

What makes a listing leap out from the page? Answer: The branding. Branding is like a secret language anyone can use to attract dream clients and stand out from the crowd.
In this module, you will learn:
  • Build out your own brand (Most Airbnb owners skip this part — immediately positioning you at the top of your market)
  • How to get direct bookings through WiFi
  • Real Airbnb case studies that clearly demonstrate how simple the short-term rental process can be (and how you can repeat it over and over across multiple investment properties to scale your income)

module 5: build your team

Imagine this. You’re sipping wine on a rooftop bar, and a notification pops up on your iPhone from your bank. New deposit! When you learn the Short Term Rental Mastery Academy process for building your Turnover Team, your only job is to lean back and get paid.
In this module, you will:
  • Hire a solid, reliable team of cleaners, handymen, contractors, managers, and co-hosts
  • Discover how to build your staff in a way that differentiates your short-term rental from the rest — and allows for serious scalability
  • Receive value-packed content like the exact checklists, spreadsheets and worksheets your team can use to manage everything on your behalf. Ahh, sweet freedom. 

module 6: Pricing 101

A regular job comes with an income plateau, but with short-term Airbnb properties, your salary scales with every investment.
In this module you’ll learn:
  • How to research the comps in the nearby area so you’re pricing yourself the smart way
  • Identifying the other hotels, concerts, and seasonal events that will impact your seasonal revenue and open you up to higher prices
  • The tools I’ve used to successfully and strategically price each of my Airbnb properties (no more guesswork)

module 7: setting your short term rental stage

Buying the property is part one. Renting it is where you make your money back as an investor.
In this module you will learn:
  • How to navigate your new biz’s daily operations like a PRO
  • Staging the inside and outside of your new short-term rental to wow your guests — including how much of your budget to allocate to furniture and home decor
  • Why taking professional photos is a non-negotiable to ensure your property stands out among the other Airbnb listings - driving up your Return on Investment
  • Providing value to your guests by focusing on the guest experience (This one thing will pay you back in dividends)
  • Welcome packets 101 (no, a binder with the WiFi password in it isn’t enough)

module 8: listing your home

By now you’ve put in a lot of work and money. It’s time to make it back — and more! This module is your how-to guide for attracting your dream clients and filling your booking calendar.
In this module you will:
  • Put together your official Airbnb listing (with photos, descriptions and more)
  • Get insider secrets and strategies for appearing at the top of the local search results every time
  • Introduce your fresh new listing to potential guests, so you can start booking immediately

module 9: getting traffic to your listing

If a rental gets listed on the platform, but nobody ever sees it, does the rental really exist? ;) In this module you’ll be given the gift of sustainability with a listing that gets clicked over and over again, a stream of incoming leads, and of course, the ROI you set out to achieve in the first place.
In this final module, you’ll discover:
  • How to continuously stand out among the competition
  • The secrets of becoming a crowd-favorite Airbnb with repeating customers and bookings on demand
  • Where your dream customers are hiding and how you can reach them today

You don't want to learn how to invest in a short-term rental from Google or Your Dear Aunt Betty. You want to learn from an experienced expert. 

Hi, I’m Francesca,

Top producing real estate agent with more than $100 million in deals closed.

I’m a former teacher turned real estate investor who followed her father into the world of home buying, and discovered a brand new passion along the way.

Managing my family’s collection of Airbnb’s became a personal obsession of mine. I staged the homes, shot the photos, wrote the listings, managed the staff and became the go-to person for all of our guests. Before I knew it, we’d built a small empire of short-term rental properties.

With every new rental, I adopted new strategies that maximized our profit without maximizing our work hours. Along the way I discovered just how safe this method of investing was for women like me — women who dreamt of traveling the world, sleeping in, and being her own boss.

Through trial by fire, I’ve developed a system to go from searching for a rental property to having all the skills needed to turn $100,000 profit in your first year.

I’ve come to realize that women everywhere need a clear roadmap for carving out their financial independence. They need investment opportunities that empower them to choose their own lifestyle → one that’s free from trading hours worked for cash in the account.


  • Add an additional 6-figure revenue stream to your net worth — one that’s managed for you (leaving you free to ski in Tahoe, sunbathe on the French Riviera, and sip mimosas at brunch without being tied to your iPhone)
  • Acquire and set up your first short-term rental property using existing platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. “Why yes, I did become a property owner this year. Thank you for asking. Now let’s pour the champagne.” ← You at Thanksgiving this year
  • Free up your time and expand your horizons with a location independent business you can run from the comfort of your couch
  • Turn your disposable income into an ever-growing investment stream with built-in equity that grows faster than any traditional savings account 
  • Build a life you don’t need a vacation from (full stop)

Everything you need to thrive as a savvy short term rental owner is inside The Short Term Rental Academy

Get started today.

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Francesca Baglio is a real estate agent and investor in New York City. After getting $100 million in transactions under her Hermes belt, she’s gone from working with the #1 real estate brand to her true passion: helping women take charge of their financial futures through the power of leveraging real estate. 


Q: What if I've never invested in Real Estate before?

A: Every woman is new to real estate investing — until she buys her first property. You might be at Stage 1 today, but if you follow the step-by-step system laid out inside Short Term Rental Mastery, in one year you have the potential to earn 6 figures in passive income as a fresh investor.

Inside the program, I’m giving you everything you need to research, acquire, and set up your first Airbnb rental property, and you don’t need anything to get started other than a savings account for your down payment and the drive and excitement to push through your fear.

Q: But I'm in an expensive city. Apartments here start at $1 million and only go up from there. Can I really be a property owner in a market like this?

A: I get it! I live in New York, and I don’t have much potential for ROI here either. That’s why inside Short Term Rental Mastery, you’ll discover how to find nice properties in local getaways … for a quarter of the price. 

Q: I have a corporate career or a business. Will I really have time to become an Airbnb owner too? 

A: Yes. Inside Short Term Rental Mastery, you won’t learn antiquated management techniques that tell you to slip keys under doormats or answer emails at 2 AM. Instead, you’ll be fully resourced with a team who manages your property for you, so your Property Manager handles the daily tasks and YOU can receive direct deposits while you’re asleep. 

Q: How soon will I get access to the course when I sign up?

A: Immediately and for life. Every future update is included when you enroll today.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Because of the digital nature of this course and the intellectual property contained inside, I do not offer refunds. You can read the full policy here.

Q: How much support do I get?

A: I’ve designed Short Term Rental Mastery to be a self-guided education experience. After spending 10 years in real estate and managing numerous independent Airbnb properties, I’ve got real estate investing down to a science.

You won’t need any additional support simply because it’s all contained right here for you inside the course. You’re receiving 10 video modules and a suite of bonus resources like checklists and spreadsheets. If you do decide you’d like me to lead you through the process — and you’d like to get your hands on my private Rolodex of contractors and property managers — go ahead and sign up!

Only 30% of Real Estate Owners in America are women. That’s a big gap, and it’s our job as savvy and empowered women to close it.
Owning and renting your own AirBNB property is the shortcut to true financial freedom.

It’s passive income you can earn while keeping your schedule open, your location independent, and your sweat for spin class.

Ready to say "yes" and join the new generation of financially independent women? 

Sign up for the Short Term Rental Mastery Academy today to get instant access to:

  • The Short Term Rental Mastery Academy Course
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  • Bonus: A Girl’s Guide To Her First Mortgage 
  • Bonus: Your Can’t-Live Without Turnover Checklist
  • Bonus: My top 25 Must-Haves for my Airbnb Property
  • Bonus: My Custom Property Analyzing Spreadsheet 

You might be hesitating to pull the trigger on your first income property because:

Still, even knowing all the reasons to jump into the short-term rental market, there are a few things that make you shake in your Minolos.

Here’s what an Airbnb property of your own can do for you:

A single Airbnb rental property can create an additional six figures of income annually for you. Even better? It’s a mostly hands-off income stream, meaning you don’t have to worry about being on the clock to earn the cash.

Airbnb is a robust platform that manages so much of the process for you, and anything left over can fall into the hands of your Property Management team. Try finding a job that gives you that much time freedom!

No more worrying about asking for time off or planning your vacations around whenever you can sneak out of the office. Take control back over your schedule with the flexibility of a short term rental property that can earn you money every night of the year…without feeling like a second job.

Imagine setting up a business of your own and making an income that’s not bound by hours worked or time spent in the office. Short Term Rentals give you the chance to travel, shop, go to the movies, or take a cruise around Turkey without your paycheck taking a hit.

Your Airbnb is one of the only true forms of passive income that remains hands off for you. Your first property could allow you to spend your lifetime doing everything on your bucket list. (And I bet late nights at the office or working for someone else isn’t on that list, amirite?)

Imagine setting up a business of your own and making an income that’s not bound by hours worked or time spent in the office. Short Term Rentals give you the chance to travel, shop, go to the movies, or take a cruise around Turkey without your paycheck taking a hit.

Your Airbnb is one of the only true forms of passive income that remains hands off for you. Your first property could allow you to spend your lifetime doing everything on your bucket list. (And I bet late nights at the office or working for someone else isn’t on that list, amirite?)

Short Term Rental Mastery Academy


1. You don’t know what it takes to be successful … yet

Short Term Rental Mastery Academy is a complete A to Z system that’s as simple as following the plan laid out before you. There’s no question left unanswered inside this program. This program is based on more than 10 years of industry experience and numerous income properties successfully managed, with more Short Term Rentals being added every year.

2. You’re asking, “How much capital do I need to invest?”

The first part of the process is market research (which is free). The second part is a down payment. If you have a savings account and a decent credit score, then you have enough to get started. Plus, with the Short Term Rental Mastery Academy system, you will have the tools to be turning a $100,000 profit in your first year as a new investor.

3. “What’s the process like?” you wonder.

Is it complicated? How long will it take? Can I really do it alone? Answers: No, not as long as you think, and yes again. When you have a process to follow, strategies that work, and a guide by your side, investing in your first Airbnb property is more attainable than ever.

module 10: technology to make hosting a breeze

Could you absolutely crush it in your STR business with everything you’ve learned so far? Sure.

But I want you to take it to the next level, which means elisting the right technology to optimize your listing.
In this final module, you’ll learn:
  • Helpful gadgets to streamline your daily operations - and which ones you can't live without!
  • The industry’s most popular pricing tools, and which one I stand behind 
  • The top options for STR management software, so when you're ready, you can scale like a boss!

Short Term Rental Mastery Academy is the short cut you need

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1. Untangle Your Paycheck From Hours Worked

2. Give You A More Flexible Schedule

3. Create A Life You Love To Live

Invest in YOUR future first. 
It's the most important thing you'll ever do. 








1. Untangle Your Paycheck From Hours Worked

2. Give You A More Flexible Schedule

3. Create A Life You Love To Live